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What is Aseed?

An Aseed is a Non-Governmental Organization whose main forte is to promote the backward areas by various development programmes. It has several branches all over India. It has lots of major ongoing projects working in different villages in India. It helps the backward areas and promotes them to develop their economic as well as social standards.

What is an NGO?

An NGO is normally considered to be a Non-Governmental Organization which works for the welfare, benefit or development of society or certain sections of the society. It is usually constituted by the body of volunteers. Some NGO has paid employees who are usually responsible for its administrative functioning. It is usually a non-profitableorganization, which means that its members are not entitled to any profit from the earning or income that it generates. So mainly it works for their countrymen for their economic and social growth.

What is Aseed’s vision?

Aseed’s main vision is – “Helping Society towards a Search for Self-Reliance and Socio-Economic Upliftment”

What is Aseed’s mission?

Aseed’s main mission is – “To enable individuals and society to move towards thedignity of labour, entrepreneurial values and alleviating thepoverty of people at large through education, research & training and grassroots level of the change”.

What are Aseed’s Thematic Thrust Areas?

Aseed’s Thematic Thrust Areas are as follows:-

• Health Care
• Water, Bio-Diversity & Alternate Energy
• Centre for Social and Rural Marketing
• Education and Community Polytechnic
• Agriculture and Community Development
• Livelihood & Micro-enterprise development
• Gender Equity and Women Empowerment
• Capacity Building and Livelihood security

Cross Cutting theme-

• Community banking
• District micro-planning and Monitoring
• Strategies, Planning and Monitoring
• Micro Enterprise and Food security
• Institutional development

What are the Key Thrust Areas being adopted in the project?

Aseed’s Key Thrust Areas are as follows:-

• Market Development Approach: Dissemination of Information on theexport procedure, designing audit,product development, exhibitions, marketing strategy formulation, brand building.

• Technological Up gradation: Dyeing/Looms technological inputs, thecreation of common facility Centres.

• Institutional Development: Creation and strengthening of market consortium/exporters consortium, credit facilitation and social interventions.

What is Capacity Building?

The Capacity Building Centre of Aseed has evolved as an independent wing called IDMAT (International Institute of Development Management Technology) which has a unique blend of expertise, which caters to the need of voluntary sector as well as the corporate world in the field of institutional building. Capacity Building conducts various types of Training Programmes which promote and uplift an individual’s mental ability.

Women empowerment?

Agro Diversification and Agri business and Handloom cluster. Special training resource center has been setup as apath with women development Government of Bihar. Where ateam of more than 30 has been groom as senior resources profession to work in different districts. In Bihar on multi thematic areas Women centric projects at the Grassroots level were also conducted through the WDC, Government of Bihar. We had also signed MOU with BIPARD, Government of Bihar for its training & Research.

Who can be a donor of Aseed?

Any National or International individuals or group of individuals who has a legitimate social objectives and development goals towards poverty eradication and socio-economic development can be a donor of Aseed.

Note: – Donors with a Criminal Track Record or Unclear Agenda are not be entertained.

Who can be a client of Aseed?

Any National or International level governmental or nongovernmental organization who fulfills our basic criteria can be a client of Aseed.

How to order Aseed Books/Newsletter/DM?

For all the publication contacting on given corporate office email address or phone number can be a good option.