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Centre of CSR, Biodiversity and Watershed Management



This project was specially being designed accordingly with Department of Agriculture, U.P. Government. In here Aseed worked on many



Biodiversity Project and AfforestationH – MAHARASHTRA

Massive planting drives in Gondia district, Maharashtra was carried forward with the help of Department of Agriculture and Forest, Government of Maharashtra.



Decentralized Watershed Development – UTTARANCHAL

The Government of Uttaranchal (GoUA), through the Watershed Directorate (WMD), has initiated the process of preparing the Uttaranchal Decentralized



ASEED Gramya team with its leader and ASEED chairman Dr Nagendra P singh along with project functionaries at Rudra Prayag, Uttrakhand. Recent review meet of the field work and its progress was chaired by Dr Nagendra Singh on 10 th June 2019 . Annual progress review and staff short presentation of their respective work areas indicated that staff has been making a significant impact at the ground level . Chairman Dr Singh and Deepak Behera, national programme leader also discussed on specific issues of project management of future plan of action. Watershed management is a critical thematic area for ASEED’s institutional competencies. It has been working in Maharastra and Uttrakhand over the years . Decentralised watershed management and its monitoring has been very critical areas of project team. ASEED consulting role to GPs places special focus on its role both on technical and process driven strategic approach implementation. Financial regulation, documentation of panchayat is equally important that needs to be built by local capacity building intervention.



Gramya senior functionaries attending meeting led by the District Magistrate of region. Our farmers getting recognition for the good work done in recent months.

Our stell displaying Organic product in fair held at Rudraprayag on occasion of state formations day it was also shown by local News Chanel.

women farmers group and their federations have been one of the most critical jobs of the project field  operation. Focused group meet by women farm growers are based on selective vegetables And key local expert functionaries . It is found that women groups are more functionally more active than men groups. Biodiversity balancing as crucial as creation of right opportunities .