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Skilling and Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Concerns

Skill development is critically important for making gainful use of India’s demographic advantage of youth – working age population ASEED being a part of this movement of enabling youth has overcome many challenges to encourage entrepreneurship through skill training

Productivity and formal employment generation depends upon availability of adequately skilled labour force. As our general education system is despairingly deficient in providing skill training we need a range of strategy to address the issue of skill deficit through technical and vocational education, career guidance, life skills and training schemes along with on the job training in both formal and informal sector. Entrepreneurship education can further add to foster new opportunities for decent job creation.

Entrepreneurship Training for teachers and youth across selected states in UP, Bihar and Uttrakhand was connected with ASEED’s innovating learning design and where faculty development intervention was envisaged well in advance. Large number of young boys and girls were trained to build their pipedream to step in to start up process.

Learning to Learn: We know it very well that learning is not knowing .Knowing is not understanding. Neither skilling oneself is learning .However skilling and learning appears very close to each other in day to day practicing world . Skilling India has assumed critical significance in todays context . Those who learn to self- empower and scale up their skilling have learnt to transfer their knowledge thereby enhance their employability role efficacy. ASEED Innovative learning centre has spread its wings on skilling project in Bihar and other geographical parts of India. Learning innovatively is part of the process where several master trainers are working hard to attain their excellence to meet standard set by NSDC on quality skill for enhanced employability.




Ensuring Food Security through System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Bhagalpur/Bhojpur  District ,Bihar

Ensuring food security through intense cultivation programme was our early intervention in selected district so of BIHAR .  NABARD and apex development bank of Government of India had long association partnership with ASEED in Bhagalpur and Bhojpur district led us experiment on selected grass root intervention  .In fact , Aseed  Multi skill Training Institute in (Bhojpur)  Bihar  was set up  by ASEED national body in location of Bihar Industrial  Development Authority ( BIADA ) Government of Bihar – a prestigious  infrastructural body .Government  of India Food Processing Industry ,NSTEDB  and   NABARD  extended it partnership with ASEED skill centre to set up first private Food processing learning center in Bhjojpur Bihar .

Large number programmes were taken up in Bihar   on Handloom cluster in partnership and support of Development commissioner (handlooms) Government  of India , NIESBUD , Planning  Commission Govt of India  and state government initiative on -entrepreneurship development and self- employment programme in several districts of Bihar . Youth attending the multi skilling -courses on various domain to help undergo soft skills modular  intervention as a part of our bridge courses as well . ASEED has already taken series of Domain skilling courses in recent past in selected region .

FINCI :Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative has a certified ASEED national learning center to take up series of learning prograamme for emerging food sector entrenpreneurs for different kind enterprises .

Food processing sector and its certification programme has been launched by ASEED in leadership of Ministry of Food processing Industry GOI .ASEED Innovative learning center -centre of entrepreneurship and skilling has been chosen as National service provider  and National training partner to educate “Food processing Agro- Entrepreneurs “to help upgrade their  quality standardisation and  build their orientation towards quality services and product delivery to consumers . More than 150 such small entrepreneurs have been trained so far in different batches “ It is done under FoSTaC – Food Safety Training and Certification under banner of FSSAI(Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)  and  FICSI

Food processing  sector /Medicinal and aromatic plant enterprises :

Food processing sector enterprises are known as sun rise sector . ASEED has it is learning /skilling centre in Bihar -popularly known as ASEED Multi multi skill  training Institute .

It is one of first few  small scale training centre that has created more than hundreds  of food process centric enterprises for self help group bodies  and small entrepreneurs. Bhojpur region has taken a surge of such micro enterprises over the years where some of them have been awarded by state government . More than 200 rural entrepreneurs were developed by ASEED as part of its early training intervention a decades ago through  medicinal and aromatic  plants cultivation in partnership with NSTEDB GOI  support.

Some of them have already  made a mark locally with their processing plant of their own .



Haryana Community Forestry with IFAD and NIFTEM University Partnership-  Food processing Entrepreneurship programme.

In Haryana, the community forestry project which is organized in partnership with the European Union..Aseed  took early grass root projects with IFAD  partnership state women development corporation for several years .Mewat region in Haryana  was its early experimental area under sponsorship of IFAD  for quite some time where ASEED grass-root experiment made itself known for innovative work. National Development Foundation (NDF) was  a leading no profit  partner that selected our livelihood experiment for Mewat region of Haryana  that implemented successfully.



Agro-Diversification Support Project-(GautumBudh Nagar District UP)

The principal objective of the project is to increase agricultural productivity through the support of UP’s Diversified Agricultural



Skill Development for Rural Women Gondiya, Maharashtra

Women entrepreneurs like any other women professionals perform dual roles and experience role conflict and other related



Communication & Presentation Skill for Personal Effectiveness

Three days’ workshop on communication and presentation skill was conducted in India Habitat Center, New Delhi for Power Finance